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Adelaide’s New Winter Hot-Spots

As we bid the mild autumn adieu and brace ourselves for the chilly winter here in Adelaide, it’s tempting to spend your days hunched up by the heater, with a woolly blanket and whatever warm-blooded beasties you happen to have around the house. But there’s a whole, bustling city out there, bursting at the seams with new places to discover and enjoy! We here at What’s On In Adelaide encourage you to wrench yourselves from your creature comforts and, to help, we’ve listed a variety of new spots around our town to get you out and enjoying these crisp, winter days.


260a Rundle Street, Adelaide

What better way is there to spend a freezing cold night, than holed up in a warm, dimly lit bar, with a delicious cocktail between your hands? BRKLYN, a speakeasy bar inspired by the district in New York is, simply put, cool. Part bar, part restaurant, part DJ studio, part barbershop, there is literally something for everyone.

With an overwhelming gin selection, heaving plates of food (the chipotle chicken toasties and the eggplant croquettes were phenomenal) and good, smooth tunes, BRKLYN is a must-visit on a frosty night out.


221 Marion Road, Marleston

Sometimes, you just need to get your blood pumping to fend off the winter chill. That’s where Pumpt comes in. This indoor BMX, MTB, scooter and skate park is the perfect place to get your exercise fix without having to battle the elements outside.

With a variety of different tracks to practise on, all of varying difficulty, either bring your own equipment or hire something on-site and get riding! Plus, there’s a special, child-friendly mini track, perfect for young riders.

After you’re thoroughly soaked with sweat, we’d recommend heading to Boneshaker, Pumpt’s café, for some amazing, American-style sustenance (think Philly cheesesteaks and frothy milkshakes).

Honki Tonki

38 Hindley Street, Adelaide


Hopefully everyone in Adelaide knows about the utterly superb Sit-Lo, a go-to for your Vietnamese food fix. But, have you heard of Sit-Lo’s brightly-colour, anime-obsessed little sister, Honki Tonki?

This casual Asian-fusion restaurant knows exactly how to warm the cockles of your heart on a freezing night – with a delicious, rich bowl of laksa, of course! Alternatively, we’d recommend the dumplings. All of them (we tested each and every one) are fit to bursting with their delicious fillings and complimented with a variety of unique sauces.

To finish off your meal, why not treat yourself Honki Tonki’s wicked-looking waffles. We would have tried them, but having just consumed enough dumplings to feed the whole nation, we had to draw the line somewhere.

Pink Moon Saloon

21 Leigh Street, Adelaide

Okay, so maybe our winters don’t get cold enough to qualify for little wooden cabins in the forests. But, we can live vicariously in the Pink Moon Saloon, just off Hindley Street. This deceptively large bar/kitchen is simply gorgeous, with its wood interior, gold fixings and splashes of blue.

Pretend you’re camping in the woods – woodlands well stocked with ridiculously lavish food and amazing, local drinks specials.

You can just about hear the fire crackling in the corner, the wind whistling through the trees and smell the wilderness, all in the heart of the CBD.


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