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All thats hot, cool, popular, trendy and iconic in Adelaide. Get to know the hearbeat of Adelaide’s culture

Icons in Adelaide

  There are many iconic places in Adelaide. They have been around forever and help to make Adelaide special. Here’s a list of some of them below. If you think we should add more let us know. We will be discussing each of them in detail at a later date and also adding to the […]

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Pu$$y Play Masterclass ★★★★★

Pu$$y Play Masterclass ★★★★★ An interactive show & tell on playful techniques, starring Strawberry Siren, burlesque star & cousin to Rural Ranga, the creator of W*nk Bank who funded his art studies from his happy ending massages given in New York City. A very qualified Strawberry Siren gives us saucy tips on how to best […]

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Buried at Sea

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan Overall rating: ★★★★½ It has become a recent trend to study your historical roots and explore the family history to better understand ourselves as individuals. After Mark Salvestro undertook a quest to dig into the story of a great, great uncle, he crafted together a poignant play that provides a beautiful […]

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Review – No moral compass

  No Moral Compass Words by Alex Craddock Overall rating: ★★★1/2 Over their cold beverages, upstairs in The Elephant, an audience listens keenly to Trish Parry weave tales of her youth. From her brief stint as a beauty pageant queen in Japan, to travelling between, what appeared to be, every military base across the US… […]

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Review – Paul Foot

The ever-polarising Paul Foot is BACK with his latest offering, “Tis a Pity She’s a Piglet” – but this time round, he’s brought his monkey. Fans of the British Comic will not be disappointed, as he ploughs through both brand new, as well as classic material, with his trusty sidekick Johnny the Monkey by his […]

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Review : Yianni Agisilaou – The unpinchable pink pen

Yianni Agisilaou: The unpinchable pink pen Yianni takes you on a fun, entertaining and intellectually stimulating journey through gender stereotypes. We learn that dresses and the colour pink were the blokey norm over a hundred years ago, but now we have evolved (?) where men fear pink – like the pink pen – and suppress […]

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Interview with Akmal

WHAT’S ON IN ADELAIDE – FRINGE 2017 ON THE COUCH with Akmal Saleh by Sarah Elding A few days ago I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down for a quick chat with Akmal Saleh: comedian, celebrity and an all round nice guy. He’s as funny in real life as he is on the stage […]

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Review – A Cuatro

Review – A Cuatro (Flamenco) I’ve got to call it. Best dance act for the 2017 Adelaide Fringe! ‘A Cuatro’ provides an insatiable performance leaving you wanting more. More flamenco dancing, more Spanish influence, more soft sounds of the flamenco guitar and more of just EVERYTHING. The cheer, clapping and ‘ole’s’ coming from the captivated […]

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