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All thats hot, cool, popular, trendy and iconic in Adelaide. Get to know the hearbeat of Adelaide’s culture

What’s Hot – Casablabla

Here’s a hot pick for a good night out. This is more than a Tapas bar, it’s a club with a diverse range of entertainment including live music, belly dancers, indian dancers, african dancers, samba drumming, flamenco dancers, limbo and so much more. The food, entertainment and atmosphere is lively and exciting. Make sure you […]

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Top 5 dessert bars in Adelaide

Top 5 list of #dessert bars in Adelaide – these names were recommended by people in our survey. The Dessert Story Steven ter Horst Chocolatier Eggless Dolce & Co The Aviary Desert Kitchen However, there are so many new dessert bars in Adelaide and we all have different tastes. Some people like a posh dessert […]

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Cleland Wildlife Park

This wildlife park sports the greatest and cutest Australia has to offer. It is located in the beautiful Mt Lofty ranges only 20 minutes from the City. The park provides 35 hectares of open bushland habitat where visitors can interact with Australian wildlife. The park is a member of the South Australian Tourism Hall of […]

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Queen Street

Queen street is unique in Adelaide with lots of retro shops and retro cafes. It’s got a quaint charm and is a popular hang-out for the locals. Hidden in the backstreets just off port road in Croydon its the place to catch up with friends. i 

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Top 5 quirky unique and interesting places to visit in Adelaide

There are lots of unique places to visit in Adelaide however the common one’s we often here of are: Eggless serving deserts without egg with a relaxed atmosphere Queen Street and the abundance of retro shops Elephant walk and its close for comfort red booths Spirit of Bonsai is a bonsai and buddha shop but […]

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Mt Lofty Summit

One of the best views of Adelaide and free. For those walking up the walking trail from Waterfall Gully, the summit is your destination – one of many walking trails in the area. Alternatively you can drive up the freeway and get there in 20 minutes – from the City. You can also grab a […]

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Elephant Walk

The Elephant walk is a charming little coffee/desert lounge only open from 8pm to late. Make sure to get there early and there is often a que. The place is full of retro cosy lounges where intimacy is difficult to avoid so make sure you go with people you are close with. I must warn […]

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Top 5 nightclubs in Adelaide

The top 5 clubs according to many of the hipsters are: Red Square HQ Dog and Duck Apple Zhvagos Do you agree? Have some other suggestions then let us know.

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Popular Places

Here are some of the popular places in Adelaide at the moment. Stay tuned as we will discuss these in more detail and ad new ones to the list: Sugar, Enigma, Fowlers Live, Jade Monkey, Salt, Moskva Vodka Bar, Shotz Pool Lounge, Tonic, Church, Earth, The Archer Hotel, Richmond, Zootz, Boho, The Treasury, Botanic Bar, Savvy, Mojo West, Zhivago, Supermild, Rocket Bar, The Edinburgh Hotel, Belgian Beer Cafe, The Apothecary 1878, Rhino Room, Lotus Lounge, Swish, Loco, Prince Albert, Electric Light Hotel, HQ, Supermild, Fumo Blu, Belgian, The […]

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