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Delicious, Discounted Coffee

Love your takeaway coffee? How about a discount!

Brother Bear Café, Alchemy Café and Bond and Lane Canteen give you 50c off your coffee every time you bring your own cup.

Australians love their coffee. So much so that OVER 3 BILLION takeaway cups and lids are wasted every year. Contrary to popular belief, takeaway coffee cups are rarely recycled and only rarely composted due to inadequate industrial composting facilities. Instead they go to landfill and the cost of increasing landfill is passed onto the community. But the good news is that everyone can do something about this.

Responsible cafes sell ‘keep cups’. Each time you reuse it for your next delicious cup you get 50c off the price. If you drink coffee regularly this will add up over time. You can reduce waste, save money and be the change for a cleaner, better world.


Brother Bear Café is a family run business with a focus on locally sourced whole foods. They’re passionate about community contribution, sustainability and providing healthy, creative meals, raw cakes, smoothies and juices. They’re open Monday to Saturday for breakfast and lunch.

Alchemy Café in Gawler has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and offers raw, organic, vegan, and vegetarian food plus much more. They use fresh local produce with an emphasis on ethical eating and sustainability. Be sure to try their decadent, healthy treats, such as their lemon tart and Kit Kat slices that are sugar, dairy and gluten free.

Bond and Lane Canteen is a friendly local, licensed cafe offering breakfast, lunch, espresso and everything in between. They’re known for their tasty burgers, freshly baked almond croissants and large selection of house made sweet treats.

So try out one of these cafes next time you feel like a coffee, cake or something yum for lunch.
To find more responsible cafes around Adelaide visit:

By Carolyn J Wild

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