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2.This website allows people to express their opinions as long as these opinions do not damage the reputation of anyone or business. The aim is to promote the postive attributes of Adelaide.

3.While every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate, we take no responsibility for any inaccuracies and assume that readers use this website as a starting point and do not soley rely on the information provided and look into the details before attending.

4. Although the social media numbers are large, not all followers/likes/downloaders of the app will view your post. Sometimes a post may be shared by others which will potentially increase exposure. The numbers we have do not guarantee a reach, they simply increase the chance someone will view the post and hopefully share it. Not all followers/likers/downloaders are twitter/facebook/instagram.App accounts are from Adelaide with an interest in what’s on. You are encouraged to select the follower list on twitter, like list on facebook and instagram to see the source of each follower/likers etc so you know who you are promoting to. There is a chance that some likers/followers etc will have multiple accounts eg someone may like us on facebook and follow on twitter therefore audience numbers do not necessarily represent individual accounts and there may be double ups. However, this can work in your favour because it increase the chance a liker/follower etc will see your event and share it.