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Interview with Kid Dub

Interview with Kid Dub
Kid Dub – Magic Mirror Spiegeltent in the Garden of Unearthly Delights 11-19 March
Kid Dub has been touted as the high-energy dance party you won’t want to miss. Hosted by LuLu Loud, Kid Dub is a journey through music history full of classic pop music and must see dance moves.
What was/is your inspiration for adapting and creating a children’s rave/dance party?
We have two kids ourselves and spend a lot of time at Fringe Festivals going to kid’s shows, so we thought we’d make one! It’s been really fun to bring the energy and production values of Hot Dub Time Machine to kids, it’s lovely to play them some great music and get the place rocking.
Do the children have a particular favourite song or sound or era?
We try to make it so that even if the kids don’t know the song, they have something fun and engaging to do, whether it’s dance move, or something in the visuals or something falls from the roof! So there are bubbles during the Beatle’s ‘Octopus’s Garden,’ and a shower of red balloons during Nina’s ’99 Luft Balloons’ which goes OFF! Also, the Macarena is a surprise hit! The kid’s all seem to learn the moves at school or daycare, so they know it better than we do!
What can we expect from the show?
Kid/Dub is 50 minute epic dance party for kids, hosted by Lulu Loud. She drives the time machine back to 1954, and then we boogie through time back to 2017, introducing kids to the greatest songs ever on the way. It’s an audio-visual experience, with a big screen featuring the Kid/Dub Dancers demonstrating dance moves and classic clips from the era. It the best, kid’s party, ever!
Do you think the adults enjoy the show as much as the children – if not more? Why?
Definitely! As parents who’ve been to a lot of kid’s shows, we really wanted to make this fun for adults too. The songs are carefully chosen to appeal to everyone, and there are some great in-jokes just for the parents, like Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’ celebrating every parent’s sleep deprivation, and some special Kid/Dub censoring of classic hiphop.
What is the highlight for you – during the show?
It’s so lovely to see the kid’s dancing. You get such amazing styles and techniques! It never ceases to be deeply hilarious and heart warming.
What is one event that you want to see at the Adelaide Fringe 2017?
We’re pumped to see ‘Super Amazing Giant Girl!!’ Best name for a show EVER
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