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Interview with Simon Taylor

SIMON TAYLOR “Spectacular-ish”
With an impressive portfolio of comedy writing firmly cemented behind him, including credits on Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show”, and Shaun Micallef’s “Mad as Hell”, Aussie comedian Simon Taylor has definitely made a name for himself in the Arts.
Now based overseas, Simon is back, touring his stand-up show “Spectacular-ish” throughout Australia – including a stop-over at our Adelaide Fringe Festival.
He took some time out with us to answer a few questions about what it’s like to live in America, what he finds a turn-on, and just to let Adelaide get to know him that little bit better.

What were you doing before you started stand-up?

I worked with kids with autism as a behavioral therapist. I miss it but I still get to visit some of them now which is wonderful.

What are the biggest differences you’ve found between living in Australia vs LA?

My friends in LA are all entertainers so we have a lot of time to hang out during the day. In Australia all my pals work 9-5 so I mainly keep up with them on Instagram.
What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend in Adelaide?

Meandering through Rundle Mall, sipping tea and browsing book stores.

You do a lot of accents in your shows, which do you find sexiest in the world?

There’s something about the Spanish language as a whole that is so rhythmic and smooth it lulls you into the mood.

Which act/s are you most looking forward to checking out at the Fringe this year?

The unfortunate thing for me is that I do 3-7 gigs every night so I don’t really get to see shows. If I could, you’d see me at Sam Simmons and Tom Ballard’s shows.

Sleep with, Marry or Kill: Carl Barron, Akmal and Jimeoin – and why!

Well, as a straight man I wouldn’t be interested in sleeping with any of them. Given our Government can’t do their jobs, it’s illegal to marry any of them. And even though it may improve my ticket sales by default, they’ve all been too kind to me to kill.
Simon is playing at Cupola at the Garden of Unearthly Delights until March 19.

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