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Longhouse Cafe

Long House Café is named after the original “Longhouse” in Sarawak. A Longhouse is a terraced corridor of separate dwellings covered by one roof. This is a traditional dwelling for many of the natives around Borneo. Long House Café strives not only to bring you a taste of Borneo, but also the spirit of Longhouse in Adelaide.

Kick-started back in the Spring of 2013, Long House Café has emerged as one of Adelaide’s favourite Malaysian restaurants. It is known for its great food, friendly service and a unique atmosphere of Borneo.

Showcasing an extensive selection of East Malaysian Street food, Long House Café will indulge your craving for real Malaysian culinary. The menu also offers variety of South East Asian cuisines for those who keen to explore the colourful blends of Malaysian cooking.

174A Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 // 08 8232 1625

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