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Pu$$y Play Masterclass ★★★★★

Pu$$y Play Masterclass ★★★★★
An interactive show & tell on playful techniques, starring Strawberry Siren, burlesque star & cousin to Rural Ranga, the creator of W*nk Bank who funded his art studies from his happy ending massages given in New York City.

A very qualified Strawberry Siren gives us saucy tips on how to best “pleasure the pu$$y”. Interestingly, she comes from a Mormon background, which proves to be a good standing for avoiding boys & indulging in a bit of self play!

The audience enters The Spare Room in The Garden of Unearthly Delights to find a show bag of our very modelling dough & a take-home booklet on pleasure techniques. Strawberry carefully shows us how to design & understand our very own vulva, which proves to be anatomically informative as well as great entertainment!

Then the fun begins! Strawberry goes through various techniques with artistic & comical flair & rewards one of us with Pu$$y of the Day! Strawberry shows us some fun-tastic tips on how to pleasure yourself &/or your partner – with time to practice during the class there’s sure to be Sirens going off in your next bedroom performance!

This is truly a very fun show of pu$$y praise & is highly recommended to anyone with a pu$$y or who has a partner with one! You will definitely learn something other than the normal flick of the bean, as well as have a great hour of laughs. The perfect date-night out, & perhaps a subtle way to encourage your partner to be a Grade A pu$$y player!

Info & Tix:…/pussy-play-masterclass
Event: Wank Bank & Pussy Play Masterclass
Festival: Adelaide Fringe
Venue: The Garden of Unearthly Delights

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