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Starting out as a small family run business supplying grapes to other wineries, it wasn’t until the mid 2000’s that the D’Aloia Family began processing some of the grapes into their own wine label. Fast forward to 2011, and the family developed a tank farm on its 160-acre property. Now including barrel storage facilities, the D’Aloia Family vineyard continues to supply high quality wines both nationally and internationally.

The family vineyard is located in Aldinga in the southern region of South Australia. Bordering the McLaren Vale region, the southern vales is renowned for its shiraz grapes so it’s no wonder our pick of the bunch were both of Q Wine’s Shiraz Wines.

Q 2012 Shiraz Black McLaren Vale

With a rich dark colour like a Morello cherry, and a syrup like texture, it was the fresh bouquet that really impressed. There is a sweet, intense flavour, which is hard to pick – vanilla perhaps, maybe even dark cherry with Christmas spices. This is definitely one to pair with a good roast lamb at a Sunday lunch.

Q Cabernet Sauvignon Melissa’s Block 2013

This wine starts dry with a hint of oak. The flavour, which is not unlike liquorice, also comes through. There is also a hint of plum on the palate. This wine is smooth with good tannins, giving a solid structure. Flavour also improves when partnered with a smooth, soft cheese.

Q Shiraz 2010

This wine has a deep red colour with an orange tint coming through. It has a sharp flavour that initially hits you with some heat. A solid, well-heeled wine, it has hints of a spice, maybe pepper, and berries. There is also a rich oak flavour that comes through as an end note. A definite choice for a lazy Sunday BBQ.

Pick of the bunch: Q Shiraz 2010 and Q Shiraz Black 2012 – not surprising considering Q family vineyard is located in one of the most sought after wine regions where long term winemakers, practically have shiraz running through their veins. These wines are available directly from Q Wines Australia at

By Sarah Elding

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