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Review – A Cuatro

Review – A Cuatro (Flamenco)

I’ve got to call it. Best dance act for the 2017 Adelaide Fringe!

‘A Cuatro’ provides an insatiable performance leaving you wanting more. More flamenco dancing, more Spanish influence, more soft sounds of the flamenco guitar and more of just EVERYTHING. The cheer, clapping and ‘ole’s’ coming from the captivated audience only reinforce this.

The ensemble from @FlamenqueandoProductions have once again delivered a passionate, heartfelt and sometimes flirtatious performance, fit for Flamenco enthusiasts through to those seeking an encounter of Spanish flair, reminiscent of an affair with the streets of Barcelona.

Get lost in this seductive yet dramatic production of cuatro flamenco, beautifully paired with powerful live violin, jazz percussion, guitar and rhythms. The stunningly decorative ‘traje de flamenca’ dress worn by Rosalie must also be mentioned.

What beauty and passion from this performance!

Last Adelaide Fringe shows 10th and 11th March. BOOK NOW because this show will sell out!

Booking at <>


Flamenqueando Productions

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