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Review – No moral compass


No Moral Compass

Words by Alex Craddock

Overall rating: ★★★1/2

Over their cold beverages, upstairs in The Elephant, an audience listens keenly to Trish Parry weave tales of her youth. From her brief stint as a beauty pageant queen in Japan, to travelling between, what appeared to be, every military base across the US… From Satanism to a brief love affair with the Power Rangers… Trish has led an exceptional life that she willingly shares with the crowd – gory details and all.
As a storyteller, Trish is warm and witty – eager to connect with her audience, as she throws out questions and utilises local Adelaidean landmarks to resonate with her present company. As she readily admits, No Moral Compass is a pet project. With Trish’s other show – A Brief History of Beer – being the more well-known of her two projects, it is interesting to watch Trish develop her deeply personal storytelling performance in front of intimate crowds.
I left with the feeling that No Moral Compass is merely the beginning – hell, we finish the show with Trish barely out of her teens and her goth-phase. What happened afterwards? We demand a part two!

Where: The Elephant British Pub
When: 19th February – 19th March

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