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Review : Yianni Agisilaou – The unpinchable pink pen

Yianni Agisilaou: The unpinchable pink pen

Yianni takes you on a fun, entertaining and intellectually stimulating journey through gender stereotypes. We learn that dresses and the colour pink were the blokey norm over a hundred years ago, but now we have evolved (?) where men fear pink – like the pink pen – and suppress their feelings to a stubborn fatal end. But don’t fear, Yianni will lead the revolution as – according to an online gender percentage quiz – he boasts a whopping 86% for femininity, though unlike his gay brother – who scored a lot lower – Yianni’s ‘no homo’ – a common expression British men use to justify any non-blokey comment they make.

Yianni teaches us to stand tall and embrace our varied mixes of male/female without fear. So next time I see a pink pen, I will be fearless, stand tall and proud, embracing my ancestral roots, and grab that pen proudly…. but if the peer pressure becomes unbearable, I only have to call out ‘no homo mate’ and all will be alright.

Check out this fun and entertaining show at the Piglet in Gluttony 11 March – 19 March 6.45pm


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