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The New Glenelg Foreshore Playground is a Huge Hit





So what’s the deal with natural playgrounds? Well, go back in time and ask your 8 year old self, it’s because they’re epic fun!

Kids can imagine themselves in another world, they can create, get dirty, climb, splash and burn off steam amongst structures created with rope, tree stumps and branches, sand and plants.

A natural playground gives children more opportunities to develop their gross motor skills and cognitive abilities than your typical preformed playground.

So how good would a natural playground worth $1.3 million be and where would you find such a natural wonder?

Cue Glenelg Foreshore.

The City of Holdfast Bay has created a natural wonderland for children of all ages worth a whopping $1.3 million, and we sent a parent writer from the team at Mum Central to have first dibs at giving it a go. See the review here:

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