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Top 5 places to test your fitness


We will be introducing a top 5 list (for Adelaide) covering all kinds of activities including girls night out, first date ideas etc etc. This post looks at the top 5 places to test your fitness in Adelaide. Do you agree? Do you think we missed one? Let us know.

1. Mt Lofty Walking trail – Waterfall Gully

3.9km of pleasure and pain. Beautiful surroundings and step climbing. It’s a sharp climb at the beginning, then theres soft levelled relief then the final sharp climb tests your fitness and mind power. Average time to climb is 50-60minutes. For fast fit walkers 40-45minutes. And the super athletes that jog it 25-30mins.

2. The Snake Pit – Larges Bay

For a whole world of pain, take on the snake pit. This is a 4.8 km run in Largs Bay . The Run has a total ascent of 4.85 m maxing an elevation of 13.12 m. If you survive its bite you can take on anything.

3. Hallet Cover Steps – Hallet cover shoreline

The Marion Coastal Walking Trail is located in the Marion Coast Park which extends 7.2 km from Marino in the north, to the Hallett Headland Reserve at Hallett Cove in the south. The trail is full of steps, steps and more steps. 

4. Hikers Hill – Montacute rd

The Hikers hill, is a large long climb from the Fifth Creek / Montacute Gorge up to the top of Morialta Conservation Park, and then  back down via Fox Dam to the road

5.Mine Track – Blackhill conservation park

This is a much longer walk taking 3hrs but less intense the others. The view is amazing and is worth it.

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