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Aleenta Barre

Aleenta Barre is in Adelaide and its one of the best work outs in town. The What’s on in Adelaide team tried it out for the first time last week and absolutely loved it.


Aleenta Barre targets every inch of your body with a dynamic balance of yoga, pilates and ballet. Barre classes strengthen, lengthen and tone your body.

They’ve tailored each sequence to target every core muscle group – nurturing strength and flexibility. A syllabus of blend, burn, yoga and ballet barre classes are available from our two stunning studios in Melbourne and Adelaide. Challenge yourself in a supportive, vigorous conditioning class today.
From the UK to the USA we’ve garnered experience and bring it all to Aleenta Barre. You can be new to yoga or new to exercise. This is not about dance and coordination. It’s about mental strength, reconnecting with your body, and so much more. And you don’t need to own a tutu. We promise.

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