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Review – Smug Face

Jez Watts: Smug Face

Words by Alex Craddock

Overall rating: ★★★★

On a stiflingly hot Tuesday evening, Jez Watts presented us, his unwitting audience, with hilarious stories from his enigmatic life. On one hand, we met Mr. Watts, an ex-Australian Army soldier who spent an admirable eight years at university studying neuroscience. On the other, we have recreational drug enthusiast, Mr. Supreme, tackling the issues of untimtely bowel movements and horrific public toilets. It’s the fusion of both of these Jez’s that produces a hearty, solid 50 minutes of comedy with a genuinely loveable, charming character.
Despite the small crowd the evening I attended, due largely, I would imagine, to the aforementioned suffocating heatwave that had swept over Adelaide – to venture through a steaming hot city or lie comatose in front of an air-conditioner at home? – Jez was eager to work with the audience, involving the punters and creating little in-jokes that produced an air of comfort and welcomeness that is often absent in larger shows.
Jez Watts’ Smug Face was the perfect show to end a long working day – grab yourself a pint from the bar downstairs, sit back and enjoy a good, uncomplicated night of comedy with your endearing host. If anything, I just wish we had more time with Jez. I felt we only just scratched the surface of this young comedian’s baffling life and I left desperate to hear more.
Where: The Nook @ The Producers
When: 28th February – 3rd March



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